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July 2016 NOTE:
Please be patient as we covert our interview files to working formats.

Max Strom

Max Strom, yoga teacher, and author of the DVD, Max Strom Yoga: Strength, Grace, Healing.  Visit Max's website: www.maxstrom.com. Also interviewed, Gwendolyn Alley, local poet and host of the Spoken Word Salon in Ventura.

Interviewed on March 25, 2006; "Beyond Words"
(54 minutes)

Peter Levitt

Poet, Zen teacher, author of Fingerpainting on the Moon: Writing and Creativity as a Path to Freedom. Read Peter's biography, and get his schedule of appearances at his website: www.peterlevitt.com.

Interviewed on Dec. 3, 2005; "Beyond Words"
(53 minutes)

Richard Bach

Interview with Richard Bach, the author of many books including Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Messiah’s Handbook. Bach has a passion for flying and for Life in general.

Interviewed on June 18, 2005; "Beyond Words"
(50 minutes)

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Galway Kinnell, and Joy Harjo

Interviews include Ferlinghetti: award winning writer, poet, & painter. Kinnell: teacher, poet, Fulbright Fellow. Harjo: Native American poet, saxophonist, screenwriter, teacher.

Interviewed on May 14, 2005; "Beyond Words"
(53 minutes)

Audio has a few seconds of silence at the start.


David Whyte and Ryan Gillenwater

Listen to an interview with David Whyte, author of The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America, as well as other books. Also interviewed is Ryan Gillenwater, poet and winner of the 2004 and 2005 Spring Poetry Slams.

Interviewed on April 16, 2005; "Beyond Words"
(52 minutes)

Phyllis Diller and Gene Perret

Interviews with Phyllis Diller, and Gene Perret author of "Talk About Hope" (Bob Hope).

Interviewed on June 15, 2004; "Beyond Words"
(54 minutes)

Audio has a few seconds of silence at the start.


Willa Young

"Happiness Expert" and author of Happiness Instruction Kit: No Assembly Required.

Interviewed on May 29, 2004; "Beyond Words"
(54 minutes)

Visit Willa's website at

John Fox and Perie Longo

Certified Poetry Therapists. Visit Dr. Longo's website at http://www.perielongo.com/.

Interviewed Apr. 10, 2004; "Beyond Words"
(54 minutes)

Joe Cardella, Phil Taggart and Gwendolyn Alley

Listen to an interview with ART/LIFE Creator/Publisher - Joe Cardella; the Editor - Phil Taggart; and contributing Artist/Poet - Gwendolyn Alley.

Interviewed Jan. 10, 2004; "Beyond Words"
(54 minutes)

Check out their website http://www.art-life.com/

Ryan Ingrassia and Dr. Csikszentmihalyi

Dr. Csikszentmihalyi (photo), author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, has spent his whole career studying the meaning of happiness. Ryan Ingrassia is a Rotarian Ambassadorial Scholar to Africa.

Interviewed Dec. 12, 2003; "Beyond Words"
(54 minutes) - Note: the first ten minutes of the interview is not in stereo.

Joseph Goldstein & Rev. Master Phoebe

Joseph Goldstein is the author of One Dharma: The Emerging Western Buddhism. Reverend Master Phoebe, is the Abbess of Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple (near Ojai). These two KNOW peace as their way of life. Both have chosen Buddhism and Meditation as a means to end suffering - personally and world wide.

Click here to see some photos of Rev. Phoebe and the Temple.

Interviewed Nov. 8, 2003; "Beyond Words"
(55 minutes)

Listen to all three of Terry Goodkind's interviews here!

July 5, 2003
New York Times Best Selling Author
His latest book is called "Naked Empire" from the "Sword of Truth" series.

Interview heard on July 5, 2003; "Beyond Words"
(49 minutes)

Audio has a few seconds of silence at the start.


January 19, 2002
New York Times Best Selling Author
Author of "The Pillars of Creation" from the "Sword of Truth" series.

Interview heard on January. 19, 2002 ; "Beyond Words"
(57 minutes)

Audio has a few seconds of silence at the start.


September 10, 2000

New York Times Best Selling Author
Author of "Sword of Truth" series.

Interviewed on Sept. 10, 2000 ; "Connections"
(30 minutes)

Audio has a few seconds of silence at the start.


Erica Jong

Roni* interviews Erica Jong ("Fear of Flying," "Sappho's Leap"), Robert Bly ("Iron John"), and Jane Hirshfield.

Interviewed on May 17, 2003; "Beyond Words"
(55 minutes)

Coleman Barks

Roni* interviews Coleman Barks, the best known translator of the poet Rumi. His books include: "The Essential Rumi" and "The Soul of Rumi."

Interviewed on May 10, 2003; "Beyond Words"
(14 minutes)

John D. Spalding

Listen to Roni*s latest radio interview with John D. Spalding, author of A Pilgrim's Digress, and Lin Rolens, book reviewer for the Santa Barbara News Press.

Interviewed on Mar. 8, 2003; "Beyond Words"
(60 minutes)

Dr. Harvey Rich

Dr. Harvey Rich (author of In The Moment) has been a psychoanalyst for over 30 years, and can tell us how to better celebrate each day of our lives.

Interviewed on Jan. 25, 2003; "Beyond Words"
(60 minutes) - Note: Real Player will run for more time. A few minutes are silent.

John Fox and Dr. Perie Longo

Listen to John Fox, CPT (author of Poetic Medicine) and Dr. Perie Longo, MFT. Subject: the healing aspects of Poem-making.

Interviewed on Oct. 5, 2002 ; "Beyond Words"
(60 minutes) -
Note: Real Player will play for 70 mintes - 10 minutes are silent

Lorin Grean

Lorin Grean plays the folk harp. In this interview, Lorin discusses her latest album, "Hand Woven." Read more about Lorin here: http://www.silcom.com

Interviewed on July 27, 2002; "Beyond Words"
(56 minutes)

Judith Lasater and Audrey McCann

The wisdom of the ages, and peace of mind are available through yoga. Listen to Judith Lasater (yoga author) and Audrey McCann (local yoga teacher) talk about yoga and what it can mean to you.

Interviewed on June 29, 2002; "Beyond Words"
(60 minutes)

Dr. Bud Stuart and Karen Lee Stevens

Listen to Dr. Bud Stuart, a Santa Barbara Veterinarian, and Karen Lee Stevens, author of All For Animals. Visit Karen's website at: www.allforanimals.com

Interviewed on June 1, 2002; "Beyond Words"
(60 minutes)

Ira Glass

Ira Glass is the host and producer of This American Life. Also interviewed on this day was Jean Harfenist, author of "A Short History of the Flood: a collection of short stories. "

Interviewed on May 18, 2002; "Beyond Words"
(59 minutes)

Drs. Laura and Jennifer Berman

Dr. Laura Berman, a psychotherapist specializing in sex therapy, and Dr. Jennifer Berman, a urologist, co-direct the new Female Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA Medical Center. Listen to Roni* interview Dr. Laura Berman, "Doctor of Desire."

Interviewed on March 30, 2002; "Beyond Words"
(60 minutes) - Note: Real Player will play for 70 mintes - 10 minutes are silent

Vistit their website at newshe.com.

Poetry Show

Roni* on Beyond Words celebrates National Poetry Month with interviews with well known local poets: Joan Raymund (Ojai poet and Editor of Rivertalk) and Lucia Lemieux (Artist-in-Residence for Thousand Oaks for Poetry).

April 6, 2002; "Beyond Words"
(60 minutes)

Buddy Helm

Buddy is a multi-media artist, drummer and teacher.
Interviewed on February 9th, 2002; "Beyond Words"
(40 minutes) OR.....

Click Here to listen to Roni*s previous interview with Buddy from
August 25, 2001; "Beyond Words." (60 minutes)

Check out his website! www.buddyhelm.com

Art Linkletter

Roni* spoke with Art Linkletter on "Beyond Words" on Dec. 29, 2001. To learn more about Art, visit the Barber & Associates site.

Doug and Debbie Schwartz

Listen to Roni*s interview with Doug Schwartz, the creator of Baywatch, and Debbie Schwartz, prize winning writer for Baywatch.
Interviewed on November 24, 2001; "Beyond Words"
(60 minutes)

Read more about this power couple!

Carol Gurney

Carol Gurney is an animal communicator and the author of "The Language of Animals." Also interviewed was professional veterenarian, Dr. Bud Stuart.
Interviewed on November 10, 2001; "Beyond Words"
(60 minutes)

Click here to read more on Carol.

Nancy Milford

Roni* talked to Nancy Milford about "Savage Beauty" a biography of Edna St. Vincent Millay. Nancy's previous biography, Zelda, was number one on the New York Times Bestseller list.
Interviewed on October 6, 2001; "Beyond Words"
(27 minutes)

Read more about Nancy here.

Buddy Helm

Buddy is a multi-media artist and teacher. He has done a number of projects involving film and music.

Check out his website! www.buddyhelm.com

Buddy Helm and Pam Nishikawa, both drummers, were interviewed together on August 25, 2001; "Beyond Words."
CLICK HERE to listen (60 minutes)

Pam Nishikawa

Pam teaches beginning through intermediate level djembe classes (West African percussion). She also has an all-women percussion group called "A Joyful Noise."

Visit Pam's website at rain.org/~djembek.

Kay Taylor Parker

Star of "Taboo," the most popular "X" rated movie in 1983. Metaphysical Counselor, Lecturer, Writer (author of Taboo: Sacred, Don't Touch), Minister, Telepath and Actress.
Interviewed on July 21, 2001; "Beyond Words"
(60 minutes)

Eve Ensler

Author of "The Vagina Monologues," the hottest show in town!
Interviewed on Dec. 3, 2000; "Connections"
(13 minutes)

Jim Freydberg

Producer of "The Vagina Monologues."
Interviewed on Dec. 3, 2000; "Connections"
(23 minutes)

Reverend Houn Phoebe

Buddhist Monk at Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple.
Interviewed on June 23, 2000 ; "Connections"
(30 minutes)

View photos of Rev. Phoebe and the temple

Gen Lekma

Buddhist Nun at the Khandakapala Buddhist Center.
Interviewed in September 2000; "Connections"
(10 minutes)


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